Work Stress

How to Keep your But from Causing Workplace Conflict

A typical manager spends around a quarter of his or her time dealing with conflict; to calculate your costs due to workplace conflict access the People Problems Calculator.

The costs of workplace conflict are very significant. An unhappy workforce – where employees feel undervalued, misunderstood, overlooked or taken for granted – leads to greater stress, low employee engagement, low employee morale, poor teamwork and higher staff turnover.

But a great deal of the conflict in the workplace, at home and in our personal lives can be avoided; it is born out of differences that could very easily be accommodated and resolved.

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Improving Employee Engagement Reduces Work Stress

Stress has been cited as the real main reason for employees being absent from work and the lack of employee engagement is the key factor behind this huge problem. How big you ask? Research from the Mental Health Foundation found that 60 percent of those who stated work as the source of their stress said that support was not forthcoming from bosses. In another survey, 75 percent said that someone at work is making them miserable. Many organizations today are seriously hampered by high rates of absenteeism and a large percentage of workers with FMLA claims due to various types of stress both realized and hidden.  

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