Command and Control

Hold those employees accountable, not me

Why is it employees want consequences placed on others that they wouldn’t place on themselves?

It is very typical that people ask me what my opinion is about certain real-life and hypothetical situations in order to extract my opinion.  The other day I was conducting a business briefing and was asked how I would respond to a real situation that my questioner Mark experienced. Continue reading

Are your Parents are to Blame for Low Employee Engagement?

For the longest time the Cleaver’s, in the popular 1950’s television show “Leave it to Beaver” was represented as the ideal American family.

June and Ward (Cleaver) were conscience parents that viewed their responsibility for instilling values to their boys (Wally and Beaver) as an duty to the world. They did’t use force or intimidate to teach the boys lessons but used verbal communication and leading by example as the methods.

June Cleaver had a very calm demeanor while she protected the boys from bad influences like Eddie Haskell. Ward Cleaver consistently supervised the behavior and moral education of the boys with a quiet dignity full of understanding.

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