Coach Mike Ditka

Coach Mike Ditka Leadership Development…Smashmouth Blunt

Sitting with my Son this Sunday morning watching ESPN, NFL Hall of Fame Player and Coach Mike Ditka, said “Leadership is not a title, it’s something you earn.” For all of his blunt brashness, Iron Mike nailed this one.

You can’t sew a “C” on your jersey and expect your team to win the Super Bowl, yet leadership will help you win it. Leadership will help your organization grow and beat your competition in the marketplace. Leadership enables individuals to pave their own path and make critical decisions that impact themselves and countless others. 

The purpose of leadership is to achieve results. Leadership isn’t just about being it’s about getting the things done that are both necessary and sufficient for the organization to survive and thrive. It is not a set of theoretical teachings in a 4-day seminar. It is a focused orchestration of specific activities that create the environment in which self-motivation can occur in those that you directly influence.

While leadership abilities have proven to be one of the biggest competitive advantages for organizations you will find the ability to improve leadership an elusive one. Some of the symptoms of poor leadership in organizations include: excessive meetings, ineffective uses of consensus driven-decision making, lack of accountability, unfair accountability, inability to terminate poor performers, power struggles and workplace conflicts, reactive thinking, micro-management, duplicated efforts, fear of making a decision, and fear of retaliation, low employee morale, high employee turnover, to name some of the prominent ones.

Given the great importance and value of leadership why, except for the rare occasions, are organization’s filled with managers (those that you don’t want to work for) rather than leaders (those that create the environment that permit you to motivate yourself and love work). Could it be because that Leadership Development promotes a universal one-size-fits-all path to leadership or that we fail to give managers the tools to orchestrate the specific activities that create the environment in which self-motivation can occur?

Leadership is not related to your position in a company. Leadership isn’t something that you are born with; but rather it is something that can be learned, improved, and utilized by many. For the best, Leadership is situational and differentiated. They recognize when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way. So how do you develop effective leaders and change your outcomes?

To improve leadership you need to measure the effectiveness of leadership and provide the system and tools that will improve employee engagement. Creating this system in your organization is possible. Win the Hearts and Minds of Employees…with your free copy of the eBook 7 Keys to Employee Engagement  now.

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