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The Satisfaction @ Work Index™ is a diagnostic tool that provides you with a complete understanding of the root causes that are preventing greater employee engagement and leadership strength. This tool gives you the answers to the question, “Why?” You’ll get clear understandings of how to drive up employee engagement and increase the effectiveness of leadership. This program is scalable and flexible for teams from 4 – 4,000+

The reporting generated from the Satisfaction at Work questionnaire provides you with a comprehensive and in-depth view into the impact and strength of leadership in your organization and the strength of employee engagement. You will be notified of potential people problems before they become a crisis.


Don’t just measure…FIX. When the diagnostic measurements are combined with the activities in the Beyond Morale program you have a business tool to reduce and eliminate the people barriers that are constraining your growth and competitive advantage.

“This is how to create a happier workplace and an organization that people want to work for.”

This is not a survey that employees complete and then sit back with the expectation that management will sort things out. The question asked is not “What is management going to do?” but “What am I going to do.?”

It is not only a diagnostic tool and measure but it has engaged employees and got them taking ownership for improving their scores. For the past two decades this system has improved the life (not just at work) of many.

How is it different?

Who has created this tool?

The Satisfaction @ Work Index™ has been developed by Dr. Shay McConnon. Shay is a leading psychologist, author, speaker and innovator who has spent almost 30 years working with organizations on leadership, employee engagement, reducing workplace conflict and organizational change. The methodology in this tool is proven. This methodology has been automated into a system that allows leaders to collate, cut and compare critical data about the impact of leadership and employee engagement at the click of a button. No more waiting for reports, no more time consuming and costly surveys, just incremental tailored data that can be actioned at the right level, at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

Why is it Important?

When it comes to your employees, understanding what is in their hearts and minds is no longer a nice to have. It is essential to gain and sustain competitive advantage, as every good leaders knows. And with the Satisfaction @Work Index™ its no longer an unknown. This tool enables your leaders to have their finger on the pulse continually. Data is automatically aggregated team by team, division by division, providing critical information to leaders at the click f a button. What’s more it’s all in real-time, so no more waiting for reports. Progress and comparable data is also accessible, again at the click of a button, taking the guess work out of leadership.

While the Satisfaction @ Work Index™ is a comprehensive measure on the health and performance levels in your organization, its real benefit is providing a way to engage your staff and get them taking ownership for improving their own employee engagement.

What does it measure?

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People who are well led:

1. Feeling Valued– they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded – people believe in them – they are made to feel special and hence they act special.

2. Openness– they are receptive to new ideas and engage in genuine two-way communication – can talk freely about a wide range of topics including those delicate and difficult.

3. Conflict Management– they engage in proactive feedback and hence dysfunctional conflict is minimized and time is not wasted.

4. Ownership– they take ownership for getting their needs met rather that whine behind backs. They see leadership as a partnership and take joint responsibility with their leader for being led.

5. Motivation– their abilities are recognized and utilized – they have positive feelings about the job and their colleagues and have an intrinsic drive to achieve and support each other.

6. Feedback – they recognize the importance of regular constructive feedback in improving performance.

7. Difference Management– they create collaborative relationships with colleagues and ensure that differences are not allowed to get in the way but are seen as a source of strength.


Think of the Satisfaction @ Work Index™ as the dashboard in your high powered business machine, that keeps you informed about what is going on under the hood. So even when your foot is pressed firmly down on the accelerator, you can relax knowing exactly what is going on in the heats and minds of your employees.

There is no administration, no waiting or calculating, the tool takes care of it all. It takes minutes to set-up, minutes to complete the diagnostic questions, seconds to view and aggregate the data and the results/savings are enjoyed immediately.

How will I benefit?

  • A measure of the impact of leadership across your business
  • Involved your employees in agreeing ways forward
  • Actions are agreed by individuals and teams
  • A place of work with fewer people problems, greater levels of employee engagement and more ownership from everyone
  • Made dramatic savings

Start today, further employee engagement and leadership development

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