Is this the most important gift you could give employees?

www.BeyondMorale.comTo me gifts are special things for which I am grateful. It has nothing to do with physical items or monetary value. Gifts are things that I feel have enriched my life. Do you think the same way? I don’t think we are strange because we think this way. I have met many people in my life that have expressed the same sentiment. Have you?

Think about your workplace for a moment. Do the employees communicate positively with one another? Are they gladly working together? Do they care about each other and your business? Are they finding the greater sense of purpose and meaning they so desire? Are the results of your business exceeding your expectations?

You worried? You’re not alone.

I consider many relationships in life as special gifts for which I am grateful. I know many of us think this way. Just like in my personal life, when I have strong relationships at work, I am more grateful and appreciative. I have more energy, I want to help more, I am more fulfilled when my relationships are going well.

Would you believe it if I told you it’s getting harder and harder for people to have strong relationships at work? Well it is. One of the main reasons is the curse of diversity. You read that right…DIVERSITY. Don’t misunderstand, I want diversity at work, I appreciate it. But when you have more diversity, the same benefit in differences is also a curse on relationships. It is hard for people to build relationships when they don’t understand how and why others think and believe differently then them. They assume and interpret things with their own filter and this leads to conflict.

Large corporations have money and other sources to implement programs designed to address the problems noted above, they fail anyway. Why, because they are repeating (outdated) habits of the past. Do you really want to follow them?

I want to share something personal with you. Because of what I have learned recently, I have a better relationship with my wife of 18 years. I have learned more about her than I ever knew because of this system I found. It has given me the know how and support mechanisms to better approach her and understand where she is coming from on different issues. I have a greater sense of connection, purpose, peace, and meaning in our relationship that I thought would not be possible. Do I have more to learn…of course. But where I once had despair and frustration, I now have hope and confidence that we will have a better future. I am grateful for this gift (and it’s growing).

This system is easy to use and cost effective and invented by a well known Psychologist. It focuses on seven core elements and when used builds better relationships. It is designed for today’s workplace.

You know your best strategy to achieve organizational goals and create a competitive advantage is by implementing a transformational process that helps everyone to create a culture of caring, mutual trust and respect at ALL levels; not another survey or training session. By focusing your efforts on these seven core elements you can develop the full potential of all staff and the business. You can give them the skills to create the gift of relationships. That itself is a gift.

How is this known? It has worked for over 20 years. How? By helping people identify what is needed to connect in the workplace and how to do it. The results have been unbelievable.

I’ve seen firsthand the uplifting impact this experiential process has had on leadership development and employee happiness…and ultimately their business. Organizations succeed because of people. Strong relationships among these people deliver extraordinary achievements. It has changed my life professionally…and personally.

I want to share this life-changing gift with you. This resource page on employee engagement training has many items to help you learn about winning the hearts and minds of employees everyday. They can find the hope I have found.

In addition, you may register for a complimentary webinar on employee engagement and leadership development. During the session we will be covering a variety of topics. We will discuss:

  • What do the most successful leaders do?
  • What are the core fundamentals, skills and mindset that drive employee engagement?
  • By how much do stronger teams make a difference in a company’s results?
  • How higher employee engagement generates more powerful visions, shared objectives, goals, values and accountability within your organization.
  • How you too can implement a process of developing and training leaders and employees to unlock the total potential of each other.

Contact David stating you want to attend this Complimentary Session. (David is my brother, I now have a better relationship with him too).

David Rembach
Ph: 336-446-9774

I wish you the best in whatever you do. Here’s to you and a great 2012.

Sincere Regards,

Jim Rembach
Ph: 336-288-8226

5 Responses to Is this the most important gift you could give employees?

  • David –

    If our clients would just put on a pot of coffee, use your bullet points and talk about how they are doing in those five areas, I’ll bet that many of them would begin to see what they are doing well, what needs to be reinforced, what they need to quit doing NOW, and where there are gaps in their knowledge.

    Nice post, thanks.

  • Great information. I love your enthusiasm. I’d like to add to the conversation by mentioning another (little-known) way that progressive corporations are boosting morale. Through inter-departmental speed networking! Here’s some info: Consultnetworx

  • Gail,
    Thanks for sharing. Those little tips and tactics can help to support the core culture change effort. – Jim

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