Employee Engagement Secret…Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the inner desire to take action. An outcome of employee engagement is getting others to do what you need them to do because they want to do it!

Most of the theories on what motivates people can be reduced to some form of self-interest. There must be some reward or benefit to individuals or they won’t be motivated to act. The greater the perceived benefit, the harder employees are likely to work.

There is no universal source of employee motivation. Being thanked personally works to improve employee morale for some but not for others. Money and employee incentives may not be the big motivator that many think it is. Many times it has a boomerang result.

Effective managers know their staff; know their employee’s motivations and appeal to these motivations when they need to influence employee morale and employee productivity. Respected managers do this with integrity and high ethics.

Employee morale and motivation translates into energy, energy translates into action and action produces employee productivity results.

While money can be used to buy you a dog, it is food and love that makes it wag its tail. If people are not rewarded or treated in a manner that suites them, they are unlikely to be happy or productive.

If people are not motivated, their talents and abilities will lie dormant, and the achievements of the organization will suffer. The ability to motivate is a key skill for those members of staff who are responsible for employee engagement.

De-motivation shows in reduced productivity, high absenteeism, poor timekeeping, resistance of all types, customer complaints, workplace conflict, low employee morale and high staff turnover.

Creating the environment where employees motivate themselves is a key, yet secret to employee engagement.

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