Employee Engagement Activities

Visualize short, fun team-based employee engagement activities grouped around your results in the 7 Satisfaction at Work indicators that will improve employee engagement imediately. The employee engagement activities contained in the Beyond Morale Program are:
  • Simple to run
  • Encourages meaningful in-depth conversations
  • Can be downloaded Online with your membership access
  • Or provided in the easy to transport and access Prop Box

What are Employee Engagement Activities?

Employee Engagement Activities provide incremental, quickly absorbed segments of learning and employee development. This is ideal in today’s time constrained business environments. If you desire, quick, fun, easy to deliver employee engagement activities that are team based then you are looking for the Beyond Morale program.

What do these employee engagement activities focus on?

The activities are categorized around the 7 key indicators of employee engagement – feeling valued, ownership, openness, feedback, conflict management, motivation, and difference management.

You can measure the impact of your Employee Engagement Activities with the seven indicators of the Satisfaction@Work Index.™

What will these employee engagement activities give me?

  • You will receive a practical, user-friendly set of tools that will get your employees engaged with each other and the company
  • It will grow a shared model of leadership which eliminates the Me versus You attitude and will grow collaboration across the company
  • The program is transformational rather than informational so the impacts and the differences are felt immediately

Where have these employee engagement activities been used?

These employee engagement activities have transformed teams in companies like Pepsi, Siemens, BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline and many others.

Employee Engagement Activities are available online with the Beyond Morale program or available in the easy access and transport Prop Box. Hurry to receive your limited supply free Prop Boxes with your Membership. Join now!

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