Averting the Leadership Development Crisis – Free eBook

“Leadership is not a skill or attribute of the roll of Leader, but resides in the relationship between the Leader and the Led.”

American businesses are creating a leadership drought of their own making. As more and more boomers retire, leadership development, as commonly practiced, will cause a crisis unless you act now to avert it.

Programs are not working

Many companies have resorted to offering a medley of standalone one-to-two day workshops for leaders at the supervisory level. While these are anecdotally helpful, they are rarely succeeding to transfer leadership theory into performance and skills enhancement. Such programs are too generic, too disjointed, too removed from day-to-day work for anybody to expect more than anecdotal improvement from them. Furthermore, these programs have failed to engage all members of the team as leaders.

What’s needed, What works

Many leadership development programs are not delivering what’s needed. Some have come to learn that leadership at the team level is not simply about a skill possessed by the leader. It is about the effectiveness of a team of people working in pursuit of a common purpose.

What if the ensuing results on employee engagement, morale, productivity, and team effectiveness were measurable and those measures were visible to everyone on the team? Would you do it.? It is happening today.

How much of a difference would improving leadership at all levels make for you?

Overcome the failures of others and get answers

These are the very questions that are answered and secrets revealed in this the free ebook Averting the Leadership Development Crisis. In this ebook learn about a proven approach to leadership development that is a secret strategic competitive weapon as a transformational leadership development program. Get your copy now.

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