Why 360-degree Feedback No Longer Works – Free eBook

What’s wrong with 360-degree feedback for many organization as it is used today? And what are the most successful doing to make the most of it in their organizations? These are the issues and solutions that you find in this free ebook.

Learn the 8 vital questions for 360-degree feedback success

If you find that your 360 feedback practices are not working as well as they used to or promised, or if you have considered implementing a 360 process but have been reluctant to try it for the reasons discussed above, then reflect upon the answers you would give to the 8 key questions. Then, build your 360 process in a way that supports your answers.

These questions are the result of an investigation why 360s no longer work as well as they once did,  nor as well as they could. The investigation also resulted in finding a better better way being used by a few.

What is leadership?

There are probably as many definitions of leadership as there are books on the subject. “How many books on leadership are there?” By conducting a search on Amazon and this bookseller alone, they offer 61,990 books with leadership in the title. It’s a vast field. Suffice it to say that most of these books take the stance that leadership is a set of attributes, skills, or behaviors possessed by a person who fulfills a role known as “leader.” That was, as well, the working definition of leadership behind the pioneering work in 360 assessments.  This is does not working any longer.

A Proven Solution

The questions are answered and the best practice are delivered in this the free ebook Why 360-degree feedback no longer Works. In this ebook learn about a successful strategy for 360s and leadership development that is a competitive advantage as a transformational leadership development program. Get your copy now.

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